2021 Routines!

Candy Shoppe – Cutest character routine by our Sparkle team!

Stop the Wedding – character dance by our Sparkle Team!

Step Sister’s Lament – Character routine by Glitz!

So Glamorous – Jazz dance by Glitz!

Beauty School Drop Out – Character routine by Posh!

Cupcakes – A routine with dancers from Sparkle, Glitz and Posh!

Mermaids – Lyrical routine by Posh!

Fear of Letting Go – Lyrical by Vogue!

Kick in the Head – jazz number by Vogue!

Show Off – Jazz by Junior Touring!

Eye of the Tiger – Contemporary routine by Allure!

Magnets – Jazz by dancers from Allure and Vogue!

Walked Away – Acro routine with dancers from Vogue, Allure and Luxe!

Speed Racer – Hip Hop routine with dancers from Vogue, Allure and Luxe!

Fools Rush In – Senior Touring lyrical / contemporary routine!

Keep Climbing – Lyrical routine by our Luxe team!

Fighter – Jazz routine by Junior and Senior Touring!

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