Healing Through Movement 2021

We had an amazing time at Healing Through Movement 2021 competition this year! Not only did we get to compete and perform our routines we’ve worked so hard on, but we were also able to contribute to an amazing cause, one close to our hearts – Congenital Heart Defect. This year, the combined total all the studios attending the competition raised was $15,484!!

Here’s a list of how we did!

  • Studio of the Year!!
  • Overall Novice: Candy Shoppe
  • Overall Intermediate: Show Off
  • Overall Advanced: Fighter
  • 1st Overall Tiny Novice: Candy Shoppe
  • 1st Overall Mini Beginning: Beauty School Dropout
  • 1st Overall Junior Advanced: Fighter
  • 1st Overall Junior Intermediate: Show Off
  • 2nd Overall Junior Intermediate: Walked Away
  • 5th Overall Junior Intermediate: Speed Racer
  • 3rd Overall Junior Beginning: Kick in the Head
  • 4th Overall Junior Beginning: Fear of Letting Go
  • 4th Overall Mini Novice: So Glamorous
  • 2nd Overall Mini Novice: Step Sister’s Lament
  • 3rd Overall Teen Advanced: Keep Climbing
  • Best Technique: Show Off
  • Best Showmanship: Candy Shoppe
  • Best Choreography: Keep Climbing
  • Best Costume: Stop the Wedding, Mermaids, I Do Love Cupcakes, Fear of Letting Go, Wild Horses, Fools Rush in, Fighter

Releve Team Competition 2021 St. George

We were able to perform all 18 of our group routines this year at the Releve competition in St. George, Utah! Every one of our routines was awarded the highest score ranking of White Diamond and was awarded the Overall Studio award of the large White Diamond! Here are some pictures of our amazing weekend. We are so proud of how hard our girls have worked this year!

White Diamond party at the studio the week after competition!

2021 Routines!

Candy Shoppe – Cutest character routine by our Sparkle team!

Stop the Wedding – character dance by our Sparkle Team!

Step Sister’s Lament – Character routine by Glitz!

So Glamorous – Jazz dance by Glitz!

Beauty School Drop Out – Character routine by Posh!

Cupcakes – A routine with dancers from Sparkle, Glitz and Posh!

Mermaids – Lyrical routine by Posh!

Fear of Letting Go – Lyrical by Vogue!

Kick in the Head – jazz number by Vogue!

Show Off – Jazz by Junior Touring!

Eye of the Tiger – Contemporary routine by Allure!

Magnets – Jazz by dancers from Allure and Vogue!

Walked Away – Acro routine with dancers from Vogue, Allure and Luxe!

Speed Racer – Hip Hop routine with dancers from Vogue, Allure and Luxe!

Fools Rush In – Senior Touring lyrical / contemporary routine!

Keep Climbing – Lyrical routine by our Luxe team!

Fighter – Jazz routine by Junior and Senior Touring!